Bike rental

Bike rental in Toulouse for the Canal du Midi, the Canal des deux mers and the Canal de la Garonne. We offer you new and high-end bikes and their equipments , selected by a local cycling instructor specialized of these itineraries .

  • The best quality/price ratio
  • A deductible of 10% of the value of the bike (or the repair) only by subscribing to our insurance
  • Delivery of the bikes to your departure point, and repatriation from your arrival point
  • Luggage transfer service
  • A local team of specialists
  • location de VTC et de vélo à Toulouse, Castelnaudary, Bordeaux, Agde pour le Canal du Midi en vélo
    VTC Premium "Verve" - Trek
  • location de vélos électrique à Toulouse pour le Canal du Midi , le Canal de la Garonne ou des deux mers
    E-bike Premium "Verve 2" Trek
  • location de vélos enfants à Toulouse pour le Canal du Midi Nature Occitane
    Vélo enfant 26" - Trek
  • location de vélos enfants à Toulouse pour le Canal des deux mers et du Midi Nature Occitane
    Vélo enfant 24" - Trek
3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 8 days Extra day
Premium trip bike €60 €75 €90 €100 €110 €120 €9
Premium trip electric bike €110 €135 €160 €180 €195 €205 €14
Child bike 20'' or 24'' €30 €40 €50 €55 €60 €65 €4
Luggage transfer on the Canal de la Garonne (price per stage, 50km maximum) €82 €110 €135 €162 €190 €215 €27
Luggage transfer on the Canal du Midi (price per stage, 50km maximum) €82 €110 €135 €162 €190 €215 €27
Tow bar Follow me €35 €40 €45 €50 €55 €60 €5
Deluxe Thule child trailer €55 €65 €75 €85 €95 €105 €10
Child trailer Weehoo €45 €55 €65 €75 €85 €95 €8
Luggage trailer BOB Ibex €45 €55 €65 €75 €85 €95 €10
Remorque pour chien €45 €55 €65 €75 €85 €95 €8
Confort seat Thule for child €15 €20 €25 €30 €35 €40 €2
2 back panniers Ortlieb €15 €20 €25 €27 €29 €31 €2
Front bag €6 €8 €10 €12 €14 €16 €2
Helmet (FREE) €0 €0 €0 €0 €0 €0 €0

Specialists in itinerant trips, we rent our equipment for a minimum of 3 days.
Children and luggage trailers must be rented with the adult bike.

We open the rental season on April 08 2024
We close the rental season on October 07, 2024.


  • A luggage transfer service from stage to stage
  • Delivery of bikes/equipment to departure point and repatriation from arrival point

Here are the points of departure / arrival that we can offer you :
  • Our agency located in Castanet Tolosan - Free
  • Point and explanation in Saint Agne area or Matabiau area: 30€/bike
  • Point and explanation in Ramonville's subway (with appointment) : 30€/bike
  • Your accomodation in Toulouse - Gratuit
  • Your accomodation in Narbonne - 50€/bike
  • Your accomodation in Bordeaux - 60€/bike
  • Our partner deposit in Carcassonne - 30€/bike
  • Our partner deposit in Agde or Sète - 50€/bike
  • Our partner deposit in Montpellier - 70€/bike

NB : 
* Accomodations with secure bike storage must be booked. 
* Your arrival accommodation must be have a reception available from 9am to 6pm. For example, Airbnbs are not suitable
* For a last minute booking (less than 15 days before the departure) delivaries/rapatriations and luggage transfers will be increased by 25% of the original amount.

  • Nature Occitane provides an insurance for robbery and assitance for 1€50 per day and bike and/or equipment

  • At your charge if your bike or trailer are robbed :

Caution / Excess without the insurance :
Premium trip bike : 924€
Premium trip electric bike : 2275€
Child bike : 400€
Tow bar Follow me : 270€
Deluxe child trailer : 1100€
Child trailer Weehoo : 400€
Luggage trailer BOB Ibex : 570€
Repair rate in case of damage / breakage

Caution / Excess with the insurance : 
Premium trip bike : 92€
Premium trip electric bike : 228€
Child bike : 40€
Tow bar Follow me : 27€
Deluxe child trailer : 110€
Child trailer Weehoo : 40€
Luggage trailer BOB Ibex : 57€
10% of the repair rate in case of damage /breakage

NB : The statement of robbery at the police station must be sent to Nature Occitane in both  cases in the time limit of 48h after the offence.

At your charge in case of theft or loss of equipment
Back pannier : 50€
Anti-theft device : 75€
Multi-tool or pump : 15€
Helmet : 50€
Practical info

Few words from Guilhem, CEO of Nature Occitane and biking instructor

As a travel agency specialising in cycling on the Canal du Midi and the Canal de la Garonne, we take great care in the selection and maintenance of the equipment we provide to our travellers. Each model is rigorously chosen for its intended use.

As a father of a 2 year old baby who loves to share time on the bike with his family, I also take the greatest care in the selection of the equipment dedicated to children.
Our team of mechanics upkeep the bikes after each ride, and we regularly renew our biking stock.

In addition, we offer breakdown assistance for major breakdowns, with an on-call phone 7 days a week from 9am to 7pm.

We will meet you at our 2 rental points :

Here are the departure/arrival points that we can offer you :
  • Nature Occitane Castanet Tolosan : 10 min by bike from the lock of Vic on the Canal du Midi, free parking.
  • Nature Occitane Toulouse (metro St Michel) : 7 min by bike from the Canal du Midi, parking fee 40€/week.

As an option, we can deliver the bikes to your accommodation in the following cities :

  • Your accommodation in Toulouse - 5€/bike
  • Your accommodation in Castelnaudary - 25€/bike
  • Your accommodation in Carcassonne - 30€/bike
  • Your accommodation in Narbonne - 50€/bike
  • Agde or Sète - 50€/bike
  • Bordeaux - 60€/bike
  • Montpellier - 95€/bike

Don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to give you more specific advise !

Premium Trek Bike

Why did we choose it ?

A reference model from the American brand Trek, it is particularly suitable for a comfortable trip.

Adjustable position, complete equipment, well studied geometry, it's a choice model for a week on the Canal du Midi by bike.

We like :

  • Its front suspension & suspended seatpost to absorb shocks

  • The "bucolic" position & the easy descent/ascent of the bike

  • Comfortable "Royal saddle"

  • Its anti-puncture tyres

  • Its ergonomic handles

  • Its 24 gears to manage your effort at best

NB: depending on availability at the time of booking, we may be able to offer you a model of a higher category (Shimano Nexus transmission system).

Premium Trek electric bike

Why did we choose it ?

This model from American brand Trek is particularly well suited for epicureans or for people who are not very comfortable on a bike.

The Bosh Active motor, the current reference, is particularly harmonious and powerful.
Its low centre of gravity, ergonomic handlebars and grips and easy straddling will ensure your comfort during your journey.

We like : 

  • Its Bosch Active 40Nm motor and 400W battery

  • Its handles and comfortable saddle

  • The easy straddling if you are surprised and have to put your foot down quickly

  • The seriousness of this historical brand in the VAE

  • The powerful braking

  • Its anti-puncture tyres

NB : depending on availability at the time of booking, we may be able to offer you a model of the same category (Trek brand).

Trek 24" or 26" child's bike (children between 1m30 and 1m60)

Why did we choose it ?

The Wahoo 24" or 26" from the American brand Trek is a light, simple and versatile bike perfect for a family bike trip on the Canal du Midi or the Canal de la Garonne.

We have chosen nice colours in order to combine quality with the pleasure your child will have in discovering "his bike" for the holidays !

We like : 

  • The 8-speed single-plate transmission simplifies gear changes

  • Its lightness

  • Its devastating look! :-)

NB: Followme towing system not usable with children's bikes of this size.

Trek child's bike size 12" to 20" (children between 90cm and 1m60)

Why did we choose it ? 

Our Trek Precaliber 12", 16" and 20" children's bikes allow us to offer you a perfect fit for your child.

It's a serious, safe and comfortable bike ready to welcome your child for a great family adventure !

We like : 

  • Its well thought-out ergonomics : brake levers for small hands

  • Its lowered frame, which makes it easier for your child to stop

  • Its single speed, sufficient for use on the canal

NB: we can of course remove the wheels if your child is already independent.

Follow me towing system

Why did we choose it ? 

Because for us, this is a real revolution in family cycling !

The Follow me towing system allows you to take your child along safely and let them ride on their own as soon as they want to pedal independently.  As soon as they want to rest, attaching or detaching them to your rear wheel is a matter of a few simple steps.

We like : 

  •  The child is kept perfectly straight and stable behind you

  • The fact that you don't feel the system when your child is pedalling independently

  • An adventure shared with the whole family

  • The smile of a child pedalling towards independence !

Deluxe Thules cross 2 child trailer

Why did we choose it ? 

Because we want the best for our children, and this is simply the top of the range model from the Swedish brand Thule.

We like : 

  • Adjustable suspension for a smooth ride

  • One-handed reclining seat for naps

  • Sunshade, waterproof cover and mosquito net for baby's comfort

  • Easy to adjust air vents for optimal air flow and temperature control

  • XL storage space and 2 comfortable seats

  • Overall safety of the trailer

Child trailer Weehoo

Why did we choose it ?

Because this model of trailer is compact and along the bike. This makes it possible to travel on narrow paths without minimizing the comfort or safety of the child.

We like :

  • Stability

  • Signal flag at the back 

  • The child is active by participating in the pedaling

  • Safety, the child strapped in the seat with a 3-point harness

  • Comfortable sitting position

  • Luggage compartments at the rear wheel

Luggage trailer BOB Ibex

Why did we choose it ? 

The Bobibex bicycle trailer is a classic for bicycle travel.  Many globetrotters have chosen it for their round-the-world trips for almost 20 years.
The single wheel and shock absorber make it possible to enjoy the most beautiful cycling trips on all types of roads.

We like : 

  • Ease of use

  • Suspension and build quality

  • Cycling on a bike without the weight of the panniers

  • Single wheel with shock absorber

  • Being able to easily slip in a good bottle of wine  ;-)

Ortlieb 20l waterproof rear bag and Ultimate 6 5l handlebar bag

waterproof rear case ortlieb bikewaterproof front bag rental canal du midi by bike

Why did we choose it ? 

The Ortlieb brand is a reference in waterproof bicycle bags.

The 20 litre rear pannier offers a good capacity, while remaining stable on the carrier in all circumstances.

The 5 litre Ultimate 6 handlebar bag allows you to put your things that you want to keep easily accessible (leaflet holder, sunglasses...).
The touchscreen pocket is particularly useful to enjoy your road book !

We like : 

  • The touch-sensitive smartphone pocket of the handlebar bag

  • The stability and waterproofness of the panniers in all circumstances

  • The fact that you can cycle without a backpack !


For all adult bike rentals, we provide :

  • Anti-puncture spray
  • Inner tubes
  • Tyre removers and patches
  • Multi-tool
  • Pump
  • Helmet (on request only at the time of your booking)
Exellence certificate from Tripadvisor and 5 stars on Google